MS Diagnosis Journey

Laura Kolaczkowski: "Don't Make It A Solo Act"

February 23, 2023 Episode 39
MS Diagnosis Journey
Laura Kolaczkowski: "Don't Make It A Solo Act"
Show Notes

In a change to our regular broadcasting, this time around it's regular host Laura Kolaczkowski's turn to share her journey to a Multiple Sclerosis diagnosis.

Despite having a family member with MS, Laura never thought that it was in her future, pushing past a number of symptoms that seem obvious in retrospect.

In this interview, Laura relates her initial symptoms and talks about how it was her mother who persuaded her to follow them up. She also talks about the dramatic event which started her road to a diagnosis and how she was lucky enough to link up with a world-renowned neurologist (and former guest on the MS Diagnosis Journey podcast) at the beginning of their career.

Laura is active in the national and local MS community, having facilitated patient programs including MS research and an MS Aquatics program. She is also a presence on the internet at MS patient sites. She is the Lead Patient Representative on the Governing Board for iConquerMS, The Accelerated Cure Project’s Patient Powered Research Network; she has served as a Patient Reviewer for the Patient Centered Outcome Research Institute (PCORI); the Department of Defence MS Congressionally Directed Research Program, and is certified as a PCORI Science-trained Ambassador.

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Interview by Steve Woodward
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