MS Diagnosis Journey

Damian Washington and Trusting Your Gut

December 08, 2022 Laura Kolaczkowski Episode 38
MS Diagnosis Journey
Damian Washington and Trusting Your Gut
Show Notes

Damian Washington is a self-proclaimed high-energy dude. So it's easy to see why, when his enthusiasm started to dip on set, he and his wife knew something was wrong. It was so out of character that Damian refers to it as losing his essence of self.

As a black man, Damian speaks about the lack of representation he noticed at the time of diagnosis, something that he continues to combat in his advocacy work.

In this interview, Damian talks about his first symptoms, the number of 'ologists' that he collected, and their reluctance to give him a definitive diagnosis. He also shares some of the things he has learned from Eastern Religions and Philosophy which have helped him. 

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Interview by Laura Kolaczkowski
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