MS Diagnosis Journey

Joan Jordan: "A Slow Volcanic Eruption"

September 22, 2022 Laura Kolaczkowski Episode 27
MS Diagnosis Journey
Joan Jordan: "A Slow Volcanic Eruption"
Show Notes

Like many of our guests, Joan Jordan's MS diagnosis took many years from her first reported symptoms. However, Joan's situation was complicated by the fact that she was working as a software engineer in various locations around the world - and was having to explain what was happening to her in a language other than her own.

In this interview, Joan talks about her MS's slow build-up, how her diagnosis eventually came through piecing together her entire medical history, and how she uses technology to record everyday symptoms between neurology appointments. She also talks about the support that is out there in the wider MS community, and how she creates artwork based on her MRI pictures. 

Joan is a graduate of the EUPATI program, which trains patient advocate consultants. 

Connect with Joan on LinkedIn
See examples of Joan's art at Optic Neuritis, Stained Glass and MS

Interview by Laura Kolaczkowski
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