MS Diagnosis Journey

Susan Silver: "You Feel Like You're Going Nuts!"

September 08, 2022 Laura Kolaczkowski Episode 25
MS Diagnosis Journey
Susan Silver: "You Feel Like You're Going Nuts!"
Show Notes

In a first for this podcast, Susan Silver was diagnosed with MS not once but twice.

Initially, Susan was told that the symptoms she was reporting - including fatigue, vertigo, and problems with her vision - were caused by her high-pressure job and irregular hours. Eventually, she was told she had MS, given a collection of leaflets, and told to go home and choose one of the CRAB medications (Copaxone, Rebif, Avonex, and Betaseron).

A second neurologist then said that she didn't have MS and it was all in her head. She eventually met her "forever neurologist" and received a final diagnosis.

In this interview, Susan shares her incredible story and urges people to educate themselves through reliable sources. And, of course, she underlines the importance of building a medical team that you trust and who supports you. 

Visit the Rocky Mountain MS Center 
Interview by Laura Kolaczkowski
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